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Construction chemicals are used by the construction and civil repair industry. These chemicals help enhance concrete strength and quality, provide water-tightness and protect concrete structures from atmospheric degradation. We offer a wide range of products for applications in concrete modification, waterproofing, repair and rehabilitation of structures. Products like admixtures for concrete, sealants, grouts, concrete curing compounds, tile fixing adhesives, waterproofing chemicals, membranes, jointing compounds, crack repair and special application mortars are offered by us.

Our construction chemicals are used in the building and construction industry with applications in roads and bridges, airports and metro transit, infrastructure building, in industrial, commercial and residential construction and repair and rehab projects.

DSES construction chemical production philosophy is to be” as local as necessary” which determines we have production plant increasingly centred to major cities, and also where a high dominance operations exist.

We are proud to produce all products in-house, and improve performance by tailoring the right chemistry and solutions for our customers’ needs.

To bring further supply reliability, DSES provides state-of-the-art logistic solutions like bulk site tank storage, where both the customer and DSES know when they need refilling, easing the logistical processes